Builder's Generation

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. 

Psalm 90:12

Shiloh Baptist Church is committed to cultivating and fostering healthy, wholesome, and wellness relationships within our Builder's Generation Ministry. The mission of the Builder's Generation (Senior Saints) Ministry is to support Seniors in their faith-walk to become like Jesus. Shiloh aims to support and safeguard Seniors in the areas of our core values: Fellowship, Lordship, Ownership, Worship, and Stewardship.

Shiloh Baptist Church seeks to support Seniors within our congregation who are dutiful, devoted, and dedication for God's Kingdom. 

Builder's Generation Ministry

Outings and Online Fellowship

The Builder's Generation have outings and other opportunities for fellowship throughout the year. Activities and outings can occur by way of Zoom meetings, class sessions, workshops, lectures, worship, etc.

In-person Fellowship Ministry Sessions

In addition to ministry outings and other opportunities to fellowship, the Builder's Generation offers in-person ministry fellowship opportunities. These in-person gatherings are designed to create a listening, learning, and loving environment for Senior Saints.

Builder's Generation Fellowship

Get Connected. Get Involved. Go Deeper.

Shiloh Baptist Church is constantly seeking new and exciting ways to advance God's Kingdom through Young Adult Ministry and Outreach.  As such, Shiloh continues to experience spiritual and numerical growth wherein Young Adult Fellowships will be created to foster a healthy community of believers who strive to connect, grow in Christ, and go deeper in God's Word. 

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