Shiloh Baptist Church is Determined to know Christ in Excellence. This basic foundation FLOWS into everything we do as a ministry.

  • Fellowship
    We are determined to maintain excellence in our Fellowship with God our Father, Christ our Savior, and Man our Brother. – Acts 2:42
  • Lordship
    We are determined to honor the Excellency of Christ’s Lordship through the principles of mission, education, and evangelism throughout the world. – Philippians 2:10-11
  • Ownership
    We believe that as Creator of the universe, God is the Owner of everything there is. We are determined to be owners and not debtors to others. Personal devotion, determination, and diligence to excellence are the essential keys to ownership. – Psalm 24:1

  • Worship
    We are determined to Worship God in spirit and in truth. We demonstrate excellence in our worship through living, loving, and laboring in a way that draws others to the Kingdom of God. – St. John 4:24

  • Stewardship
    We are determined to give God the best of our time, talents, treasure, temple, and tithes. Shiloh Baptist Church is determined to do its best to glorify and honor God with a spirit of excellence. – I Corinthians 4:1-2